Looking after your gums by attending routine hygiene appointments is something that will benefit you for years to come.

Here at Denpure, we’re enthusiastic about patient education and ensuring restorative treatment is kept at a minimum wherever possible.

Dental Hygiene: Fast Facts

  • Dental hygienist visits are specifically geared towards gum and other oral soft tissue care. By keeping these soft tissues healthy, this has a preservative and positive knock-on effect on your dental health.
  • Plaque and tartar are removed from your gum line.
  • Learn about brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Learn about your risk factors for gum disease.
  • Curb symptoms of gum disease early before it advances.
  • Choose Airflow tooth polishing for a deeper clean and stain removal.



Does Everyone Develop Plaque?

Yes. Even people with the most regimented oral hygiene routine are vulnerable to the negative effects of plaque. Plaque is the substance that’s created every time we eat – it’s a by-product left over after the chemical reaction that occurs when saliva and food mix together in your mouth.

Plaque eventually transforms into a harder substance called tartar, which is when gum disease-related symptoms can start to cause irreversible damage to your gums, teeth, and the underlying bone.

How Often Should You Visit a Dental Hygienist?

Hygienist visits are recommended as per clinical need, there are some patients who will benefit from visiting more often than others. Patients who are likely to develop more plaque on their teeth more regularly may be advised to come in every 3 months; this also applies to patients who are currently living with advanced gum disease.

If you are on a gum health maintenance or treatment plan, we wish to monitor your development and mouth restoration, to make sure you don’t go backward with your gum health. We are extremely devoted to ensuring our patients receive the right ongoing maintenance and aftercare, particularly when it comes to oral hygiene, as it can be a mercurial condition.

Why Choose Denpure Dental Care And Implant Centre For Hygiene Therapy And Management?

We are a practice that believes that all dental treatment should feel elective. We strive to provide the clear and concise information you need in order to make a reasoned decision about how to proceed after a diagnosis.

We are fortunate to have a dentist with a special interest in the treatment and prevention of gum disease at the practice: Dr Mandeep K Birah. Her focus is on patient education, and helping her patients understand the changes they can make to their oral hygiene routine, lifestyle and diet, in order to improve their long-term periodontal (gum) health.

Read more about Dr Mandeep here.

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