Tooth replacement with a single implant is without a doubt the most sustainable, functional, and natural-looking solution for your smile.

Here at Denpure Dental Care and Implant Centre, we provide a comprehensive implant service, encompassing the long-term maintenance of your implant.

Implants: Fast Facts

  • Replacement tooth roots.
  • 95%+ success rate.
  • Near-permanent treatment.
  • Natural-looking solution for tooth loss.
  • Provide jawbone support and cheek structure.
  • Typically 4-6 appointments.

Dental Implants: The Life-Changing, Long-Lasting, Natural Smile Solution

Implants are a lifeline for gaps in your mouth, restoring your smile, chewing capability, and perhaps most important of all, your confidence.

Implants imitate real tooth roots, inducing the jawbone to grow around them once they are placed into the jaw. This long-term (and in most cases permanent), connection ensures the lower third of your face does not suffer aesthetic changes as a result of having an absent tooth root.

Unlike Dental bridges and Dentures, implants do not rely on the support of other teeth, or suction, to stay in place. They fix inside the jawbone, in the same way as natural teeth roots do.

The Patient Journey

Consultation: full examination and explanation of treatment. Treatment options outlined. Discussion of your treatment goals in detail.

CBCT scan: cone beam CT scan of the jaw is undertaken to aid in the careful planning of your treatment, watching all the vital anatomical structures.

Implant placement: the implant is placed under a local anaesthetic. The jaw is left to heal for approximately 3 to 6 months.

Your new tooth: a natural-looking crown is fitted over your implant.


When Are Single Implants Suitable?

Single tooth implants are appropriate when you have one or more teeth missing at various locations of the upper and lower jaw arches. We also offer implant treatment for multiple missing teeth and full mouth rehabilitation, such as All-on-4 and implant-retained dentures. Such treatments are cost-effective for patients wishing to replace older restorations or a number of gaps in their smile.

Why Choose Denpure Dental Care and Implant Centre For Implant Treatment?

We completely understand the trauma that comes with losing your teeth. Our implant dentists use the most cutting-edge technology to plan your implant case and will present you with all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment.

We believe in giving you options and communicating in a manner that breaks down clinical information into easy-to-interpret knowledge.

Implant dentist and practice principal Dr Santosh Makhijani is known for his focus on conservative dental techniques which minimise the patient journey wherever possible. He is dedicated to educating and informing his patients so that they can fully understand the choice of solutions being presented to them.

We provide comprehensive implant treatment including bone graft (bone augmentation) and sinus lift in-practice, so you don’t have to go looking for a second reputable dental practice for such treatment – you can stay in the capable hands of our experienced clinicians here in Uxbridge, at every stage of your implant journey.

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